Gunnar passed in August 2012 just 7
days shy of his 9th birthday.  

He was our pride and joy and was such a
presence in our lives.  It has been so
quiet with him no longer with us.  He was
always talking and involved with us, that
with him gone it's just too quiet in the

While Gunnar was a fantastic show dog,
he was an even better family member!  He
was such a character and so much fun to
live with!  

We miss him so much, but we look
forward to watching his kids and grand
kids carry on the show ring torch!
Am. Can. Int'l. Ch Selene's Big Top Gun (Gunnar/Goose)
© 2003 Selene Mastiffs All Rights Reserved
Tink passed in January 2013 at 11 1/2.  
She had a hurt shoulder that we couldn't
do anything about and it just got to hard
for her to get around.  

She was my heart dog!  I just adored her.  
Tink used to watch television and if any
animal came on (cartoons too), she would
run up to the tv just barking and carrying
on.  She couldn't believe they had the
audacity to be in her house!!!

She was the alpha bitch of the house!  The
dogs all respected her completely and she
would just have to stand by the couch
and they would give up their spot for her!

She usually knew what I was thinking
before I did!  She was a wonderful show
dog, but an even better friend!  I miss
snuggling with her in the mornings.

She gave me Gunnar & Bailey, and I will
forever be grateful to her for that!  Her
passing left a huge hole in my heart!
Selene's English Dream (Bailey)
Ch Tinkerbell's Magic of Mt Storm, CGC (Tink)
Bailey passed in her sleep in September
2013.  She was 10 years old.  

Bailey was so quirky!  She was always
up for a good time!  She loved to run with
the other dogs in the field!  She would
just throw her ears back and go!!!

At 6 months of age she got her jaw
caught on her brothers collar and broke
her jaw.  She only made into the show
ring once.  After her injury, her jaw and
bite were never the same.  

It didn't slow her down though!  She was
a lot of fun and was full of love and
affection.  She loved to snuggle with you
and paw at you if you stopped petting

It was a shock to find her gone, but so
like Bailey.  There was no way she was
going to let anyone tell her when her time
was up.  She did everything at her own
pace and her own way!  
Lilly passed shortly before her 8th

I miss her terribly.  She was so sweet and
just a cuddle bug.  All she ever asked for
was to be near you and give you kisses.

Her nickname was Silly Lilly!  Such a
happy girl!  She LOVED water!  I had a
heck of a time filling water buckets or
washing my car, because she was
always going after the water coming out
of the hose.  

She loved playing flashlight!  She also
adored playing with her big plastic balls
and her Cuz's.  I always had to put them
away just so she would rest!!!  

She gave me Jezabel and I will be forever
grateful to her for passing on her loving
nature and silly ways to her daughter.
Ch Silvercrest's Purely Innocent of Selene, CGC (Lilly)
Int'l Ch Cedarhollow's Red Pepper Selene (Pepper)
Oh Doodlebug!  You were such a

My loving, neurotic girl!  It was so hard to
let you go, but your health had just
gotten so bad and you were not living
your life, just existing in it.  

Your window licking, wax on/wax off on
the french doors, hilarious, pain in the
butt antics will be missed so much!  

You were my "wala" show dog!

I miss your escorting me in the gate and
all your kisses when coming home from

Pepper passed at 10 years of age.