If you are thinking of getting a
Mastiff, please make sure to do your
research. Mastiff's are not the breed
for everyone.  They tend to drool and
their drool will end up everywhere.  
They are couch potatoes and your lap is
the couch. They tend to snore, and will
always want to sleep with you!  Keep in
mind that they get big; really big.
Tink's father weighed a little over 220 pounds.
Tink at 11, weighs about 170.  For the first year or
so, Tink gained 5 pounds a week.

Also, keep in mind that the Mastiff needs to be
trained at a very early age.  You do not want to be
at the end of an untrained mastiff's leash when it
has reached maturity and decides to go after the
neighbor's cat.  They are extremely powerful and
will drag you. Mastiff's should not be left to run!  
We consider the breed to be an indoor breed.
Because of their size, their vet bills tend to run
higher than an average dog.   There are also health
issues to consider. Be sure to find a reputable
breeder that does appropriate testing on the
parents; e.g., hips, elbows, and PRA, and also
breeds for temperament, type, and soundness.  This
is a case where biggest is not always the best.  A
mastiff that grows too quickly and is kept heavy
will break down at an earlier age.  

Ask questions, don't be shy...owning a mastiff is a
huge responsibility.  If you find that a breeder
won't take the time to answer your questions, or
you feel that they aren't really interested in the
betterment of the breed, find another breeder.   
This goes for your vet as well.  Find out what they
know about Mastiff's, before you need them in an

Check out the CEMC breeder web page for a list
of breeders in WA/OR/ID.  Breeder lists are also
available from
MCOA of breeders in good
standing.  Members are required to sign a Code of

Please check out the rescue pages of local clubs as
well  Too many wonderful mastiffs end up in a
rescue situation when their owners haven't done
their research and end up not able to handle them,
or afford to keep them.  

If after reading all this and completing your
research you decide that a mastiff is the right
breed for you, you will be rewarded with a loving
and loyal friend and member of the family.  We
wouldn't trade ours for anything!  Good Luck!
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What the Lion is to the Cat.
The noblest of the family;
he stands alone,
and all others sink before him.
His courage does not exceed
his temper and generosity,
and in attachment he equals
the kindest of his race."
Cynographia Britannica - 1800
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